Neighborhood Launch Plans to Add Six-Story Storage Building

Columbus Underground

The Edwards Companies and Brexton Construction announced today plans to add a six-story storage unit building to the ongoing Neighborhood Launch project in Downtown Columbus. The units would service Downtown residents looking for extra room that they may not have built into smaller apartments or condos.

“We see growing demand for storage Downtown,” said Tim Galvin, president of Brexton. “People living downtown don’t have basements or garages with wall to wall storage units to store their holiday decorations, extra furniture, and seasonal clothing. This is an untapped market with real potential.”

The building would be located at the southeast corner of Long Street and Young Street would house approximately 750 storage units ranging in size from 20 to 240 square feet. All units would be climate-controlled and feature a high level of security.

“One unique feature the facility will offer is the wine storage,” Galvin shared. “The wine room will be kept at 55 degrees with humidity control all year around and will include a back up generator to make sure our customers’ wine is well-protected.”

The project is still awaiting permits and approvals, but hopes to be completed by the end of 2015.

On the opposite end of Neighborhood Launch, work is currently underway on the second phase of Bishop’s Walk for-sale condo units on Gay Street between Normandy Avenue and Sixth Street.