Project Description

Client:   Nationwide Children’s Orthopedic
Location:   Parsons Ave / Main Campus, Columbus, OH

Project Type: Developer – Financed, bought-ground, Design-Build, sold to Nationwide
Surface Area: 13,134 sq. ft. Medical
Year Completed:   2003

Project Overview

Orthopedic testing, treatment and care for children. The Nationwide Children’s Orthopedic Center bring a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for newborns, children, and young adults at the Nationwide Children’s Main Campus.

This location started with Tim Galvin (Brexton CEO) funding, buying the ground, planning and building on this state of the art location. The architecture is in harmony with the Nationwide Children’s ‘look & experience’ of another Tim Galvin build, the Nationwide Children’s Close to Home Center / E Broad, Columbus OH.

This is one of several Medical sites where Tim Galvin has led the funding and completion, where the ultimate owner was not in any risk…they simply had one-transaction and took the keys.

Brexton excels in high-tech Medical needs within projects…and looks forward to more of these opportunities.