Project Description

Client:   New Albany Medical Center
Location:   New Albany, OH

Project Delivery:  Developer – Finance, Purchase Ground, Design / Build – sell
Surface Area:  60,000 sq. ft.
Architect:   Willie O. Stokes

Project Overview

This corner-stone of New Albany’s Medical Row, started with Tim Galvin (Brexton CEO) funding, buying the ground, planning – building and selling this custom-build. This original state of the art building now shares parking and easy-access with ‘like-buildings’. The architecture is classic ‘New Albany’ as it created the new-look of MOB’s in the area – while staying in-harmony with the community. MOB 1 soon became the reference-building of the area.

This is one of several Medical sites where Tim Galvin has led the funding and completion, where the ultimate owner was not in any risk…they simply had one-transaction and took the keys.

Brexton greatly enjoys high-tech Medical needs within projects…we are looking forward to more of these opportunities.