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Construction in Focus, July 2016 edition ~

Tim Galvin launched Brexton Development and Construction in 2001 as a family-owned and operated company specializing in commercial real estate development and construction. The Columbus, Ohio-based business stands out not only for its quality work, but also for its strong moral compass…

jul19-2016newsBrexton’s company culture, mission and values are everything,” Tim explains. “They are why we exist. Most people think the only reason they want to grow a company is to maximize returns to their investors. We’re different. Our Mission is ‘First, to serve God in all that we do, while providing the best possible service, with absolute integrity and honesty, including the most quality and value, for our clients, employees and investors.’”

The company’s purpose is equally clear: “Brexton exists to provide opportunities for individuals to express aspects of their God-given identities in creative and meaningful work, while providing goods and services that will enable the communities we serve to flourish.”

Brexton is careful to hire talented, experienced staff that will fit into the company culture. “It makes life so much simpler when everybody is able to get along and everybody is looking at the same goal and committed to reaching that same goal,” says Joseph P. Beatty, Jr., Vice President of Real Estate. “For us it has“ been a blessing that we have been able to find the right people to sit in the right spots.”

Tim’s daughter, Mary, with the help of her brother Patrick and a strong management team, plans to take over in 2025 and will keep growing the company and moving it forward. Mary, Joseph describes, has been a driving force in maintaining the company culture through mindful hiring practices and a focus on ethics-based decision making.

Throughout its history, the business has enjoyed remarkable growth and success, particularly in recent years. “Brexton Development and Construction has experienced over six hundred percent growth in 2015-16,” Tim reports. Joseph adds, “A year and a half ago we were at 12 people, now we are at 38. What better way to hit 15 years than with significant, controlled, and planned growth?”

The recent growth “has been achieved through a strategic plan, internally and externally,” Joseph explains. “Internally Brexton has recruited the best seasoned professionals in Marketing/Sales, Pre-Construction, Project Management and Financing. Externally, Brexton’s goal was to leverage all of the core expertise in industries that would be strong coming out of the recession. This well-crafted plan was carefully worked in a way that has met and exceeded expectations.”

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