Successful Tenant Completion of Mount Carmel Grove City Fit-Out

April 15, 2019

Craig Abbott
Brexton, LLC.
1123 Goodale Boulevard
Columbus, Ohio 43212

Re: Grove City MOB 2 – 3rd Floor Tenant Fit‐Out

Dear Mr. Abbott;

I would like commend your team on the successful completion of the 3rd Floor Tenant Fit‐Out. Scope of work was approximately 20,000 square foot build‐out from a gray shell condition for four (4) tenants. Additionally, this project was completed while shell contractor worked on the fit‐out of the floor above and another contractor completing the space on the floor below. Project was managed by Eron Ranft and supervised by Rob Compton.

With our previous history of Brexton working within budgets and schedule, project awarded with a very tight timeline and with knowledge of limited additional funding. The Brexton team excelled at notifying of potential issues, obtaining quick response and pricing from subcontractors, and adjusting efforts to minimize any impact. This proactive approach kept Mount Carmel and end users informed and able to make key decisions in a timely manner. Outside of owner coordination, Brexton coordinated directly with the project’s main construction manager and other contractors. The process worked seamless and team handled all communication and coordination directly. This allowed Mount Carmel to focus on operational and activation requirements.

Lastly, Brexton was a partner with our various departments moving onto the floor. They communicated clearly with non‐construction terms. Requests were forwarded with possible impacts and costs to resolve concerns. At the move‐in date, Brexton provided assistance keeping the space clean, hanging wall items, and correcting any minor issues.

Thank you again for the successful completion of another project!

Brian D. Teske

Owners Representative