Construction Begins on Tri-Village Self Storage

The days of ‘Self-Storage being on the dirty, cheap, flooded-side of town is gone’. Today’s ‘professionals, home-owners & businesses’ are demanding solutions like…Tri-Village…”the new-breed” of Self-Storage!

trivillage (2) - CopyModern, clean, safe – natural or climate-controlled the consumer is in-complete-control.  Fully Automated and even Smart-Phone managed.

Starting in Columbus, Ohio, Tri-Village is leading with a brand-new downtown site under-construction.  This Six-Story state-of-the-art site will feature the first of its kind in Ohio, lower-level sophisticated, secure area for wine-storage. The wine-vault-level will be fifty-five degrees and 70% humidity controlled year-around, with a power-generator backup.  At the street-level a Wine-tasting / Conference Room will be available to the members of Tri-Village wine club…allowing distributors to offer ‘F’ Status tastings and sales.

Unlike a standard retail or warehouse-space – this build required special attention to the lighting, security with audio and video capabilities.  A 24/7 Kiosk with digital delivery in real-time for client interaction and service is.

Brexton greatly enjoys high-tech needs within projects…we are looking forward to more of these opportunities in retail.