EXCLUSIVE: Columbus developer considering moving HQ, 30 jobs to Grandview

A Columbus development and construction company is considering moving its headquarters to Grandview Heights amid a rapid growth spurt.

Brexton LLC would relocate its more than 30 employees from 815 Grandview Ave., Columbus, to 1123 Goodale Blvd., constructing one of its signature self-storage facilities with offices topping the five-story structure.

Brexton’s current Columbus headquarters on Grandview Avenue.

The $9 million project was turned down by Grandview’s Planning Commission which debated types of developments envisioned on the mostly industrial Goodale Boulevard connecting to downtown Columbus.

Brexton plans to go directly before Grandview City Council on June 6, CEO Tim Galvin said.

“One of the board members thought it should be more pedestrian friendly. I do feel we’re going to kick off the opportunity for other people to do different developments there … (but) their concerns were (that) no one’s ever brought redevelopment (to) Goodale,” Galvin told me. “I got a call from the Mayor of Grandview, a very good call – he felt really terrible it didn’t get approved.”

Brexton has backup plans for its new headquarters, including sites in Hilliard and Upper Arlington.

But Galvin prefers the 1.1-acre site along Goodale Boulevard, home to the former ReTagIt building less than a mile from its headquarters. That building would be demolished.

“I think first and foremost it’s where I want to be, just because I’ve lived in Grandview all my life. I’d like to finish out my career there,” Galvin said. “The location is just excellent.”…

…Amid recent growth, Brexton also made executive and management hires:

  • Melanie Wollenberg, executive vice president of development, brings expertise in the health care field;
  • Bob Butler, senior vice president of pre-construction services, brings 40 years of construction experience after stints with Elford Inc., Gilbane Inc. and Morrison Knudsen Corp.
  • Mitch Carley, vice president of business development, led real estate operations of EZCorp Inc. (NASDAQ:EZPW), an alternative lending company based in Austin, Texas.

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