GIVING BACK Part of our business

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Brexton has been committed to helping fight poverty in the inner city of Columbus since its early involvement in 2001 with the Chicago Avenue School project, creating a safe place for children to gather and learn. This includes projects with Lower Lights Christian Health Center beginning in 2004 and continuing with Phase VI today, creating a state of the art inner city healthcare facility now serving more than 8,000 patients annually.


By providing our expertise, services and labor, Brexton teamed with United Way and the “Fresh Foods Here Program“ to make it possible for 7 inner city locations to provide fresh produce by creating refrigeration areas and equipment and more. The program was so successful we continue to work with United Way on this program.

  Fresh Foods Here Program

For Brexton’s monthly program, our staff gathers on the first Friday of each month and makes several hundred individually wrapped sandwiches or snack packs for another inner city program called “Run the Race Club”.  RTR is a place that feeds, clothes and ministers to children and families on the near West side of Columbus.

Brexton is an ongoing supporter of:


Grandview Pelotonia team

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